Sunday, January 21, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis 13 - Washing on Tisha B'av

We asked Rabbi Doniel Neustadt as to the practical halachos regarding washing on Tisha B’av. Here is his response.

Washing any part of the body on Tishah B’av is forbidden. Washing is permitted in the case of…
*Dirty or soiled hands or other parts of the body. Any substance or discharge (e.g., a glutinous gel in the eye) may be rinsed off . [If soap is needed, it may be used. ]
*Awakening in the morning. One may wash netilas yadayim three times on each hand , but the water should reach only until the knuckles . After the hands are wiped but remain slightly damp, they may be passed over the face or the eyes .
*After using the bathroom and/or after touching a part of the body that is normally covered, but the water should reach only until the knuckles .
*Rinsing the mouth, but only in case of great discomfort . Care must be taken not to swallow the water. Mouthwash should not be used .
*Preparing food . If warm water is necessary, it may be used .
*Medical needs . Hot water may be used when needed .
*Preparation for davening . Some say that only the tips of the fingers [until the first joint ] should be washed .
*Washing dishes [after midday], if leaving them unwashed will attract insects , etc. It is proper not to use warm water.
*Eating bread, for those who are allowed to eat on Tishah b'Av. The hands should be washed to the wrists in the usual manner . Several poskim mention that one may also wash with mayim acharonim if he is always particular to do so .
*A baby who is bathed daily .
*A bride, who is allowed to wash her face up to 30 days after her wedding .