Friday, January 26, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis19 - Shabbos in the Daf

Shabbos in the Daf

by Reb Ben Adler

Taanis 19a

The Mishnah states that in times of peril, they would sound the shofar on Shabbos. Rabbi Yose maintains that they would only sound the shofar so that people would come to their aid, but they would not sound the shofar for an outcry. Rashi on 14a writes in his first explanation that Rabbi Yose maintains that we do not sound the shofar on Shabbos for the purpose of prayer, because we are not certain that our prayers will be effective on Shabbos. It is well know that the Vilna Gaon was very strict about not reciting any prayers on Shabbos in the form of a supplication, such as the passage of barchuni leshalom in the Shalom Aleichem that we recite when we arrive home from shul on Friday night. Apparently Shabbos is a time when we are one with HaShem, and we do not seek out the angels to be intermediaries for our prayers. HaShem has given us His Holy Shabbos as an opportunity to cleave to Him, and we must place our sole trust in HaShem.