Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Daf Yomi - Megillah 14 - REINCARNATIONS

Rav Nachman said: Chuldah was a descendant of Yehoshua. Rav Eina the Elder asked Rav Nachman from a braisa which explicitly states that Chuldah was a descendant of Rachav, the innkeeper. Rav Nachman responded: Both statements are correct since Rachav converted and subsequently Yehoshua married her. The Gemora states that although Yehoshua did not have any sons; he did have daughters.

It is written [Breishis 39:10]: Now it came about when she (Potiphar, Pharaoh's chamberlain’s wife) spoke to Yosef day in and day out, that he did not obey her, to lie beside her and to be with her.

Rashi cites the Medrash: to be with her in the World to Come.

Rabbi Yonason Eibshitz asks: Where did Potiphar’s wife get the idea that she was destined to be with Yosef in the World to Come? He answers: It has been passed down through a tradition that Yehoshua was a gilgul (reincarnation) of Yosef and that Rachav was a gilgul of Potiphar’s wife.

It emerges that her words were accurate; though she was a bit hasty. Her soul was fated to be with Yosef’s soul but not in this lifetime. This attachment would have to wait until a later time when Yehoshua married Rachav.


Avromi said...

The weasel in the story of the chuldah and the bor had the spirit of Chulda in it.
She came to punish the man who didnt keep up to his end of the bargain by marrying the girl from the well.
Chuldah was a descendant of Rachav and Yehoshua who were gilgulim from Yosef who refused to marry Potiphar's wife too early.
It is thus logical (in gilgulim sense) that Chuldah would be the one to administer the punishment for delaying a marriage which was required to happen.

Anonymous said...

where is this brought? babor is gematria Rachav. (210)

Avromi said...

where is what brought?

Anonymous said...

where is it brought your statement that"The weasel in the story of the chuldah and the bor had the spirit of Chulda in it?" Or did you make that up:?

Avromi said...

Rama Mipano

I don't make things up, not my style.

Anonymous said...

[ג] מעשה דחולדה ובור בתענית [כ' א'] כידוע, והענין ודאי כי יש דברים בגו, ולא על חנם נתייחדו חולדה ובור, בור רמז למרים, להיות הבור ההוא עובר שם היא בארה של מרים, כדאיתא בהלכות שבת בכל מוצאי שבת בארה של מרים עובר על כל הבארות וכו', וההי' רוחני עוברת, וחולדה היא רמז אל חלדה הנביאה, דנחה עליו לפי שעה רוח מחלדה הנביאה, וההוא דנתן ברית לאותה נערה הוא גלגול יהורם, דלקח שני ילדים מאשת הנביא לו לעבדים, דכתיב והנשה בא לקחת וגו', ונלקחו ממנו שני ילדיו