Friday, February 09, 2007

Daf Yomi - Megillah 2 - MEGILLAH IS LIKE HALLEL

The Gemora later in the Mesechta (14a) rules that one does not recite Hallel on Purim because the reading of the Megillah is regarded as the recitation of Hallel.

The Commentators ask that it is understandable that the people residing in the village can discharge their obligation of reading the Megillah prior to Purim because the Rabbis had established that the miracle can be publicized before the day of the miracle; however it is not understandable how one can fulfill the mitzvah of reciting Hallel before the day of the miracle.

In the sefer Birchas Refoel (14), he answers that when the Gemora states that “reading the Megillah is regarded as reciting Hallel” it does not mean that reading the Megillah is a fulfillment of the obligation of reciting Hallel; rather the meaning is that one is not obligated to recite Hallel after he already publicized the miracle of Purim. Once the Megillah was read, there is no necessity or reason to recite Hallel.

We can now understand why reading the Megillah before Purim can discharge one’s obligation.


Chaim B. said...

The Marcheshes writes that a woman cannot be motzi a man in kerias hemegillah because reading megilah is a *kiyum* of hallel for men which women are not obligated in and cannot fulfill with their leining.

Avromi said...

yes that is the way he explains the behag from tosfos daf daled and your connection is a good one - thanks