Sunday, April 29, 2007

Still Time ......

It now appears that Daf Notes will be heading to the final round of voting in two out of the three categories that we were nominated in. If you would like to cast a vote for us in the remaining one (or any others, for that matter), you can go here at the JIB Awards to vote. Thank you.


Seth said...

Keep up the good work! I got you one closer. Hope everyone else does the same.

Greg said...

I just put you one over, but we need more people to continue the SURGE! Thanks for the all the Torah.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks- The paid staff of Jewish Voice for Peace's blog "Muzzlewatch" sent out a request to their 23,000 person mailing list- thus the surge in Muzzlewatch votes.
You may not realize that Jewish Voice for Peace does not accept the existence of Israel as a Jewish state- its debatable whether or not they should even be participating in these awards. At any rate, it is hard to compete with 7 figure funding, paid staff and a huge mailing list.
This is the email they sent out-
with direct links to the voting:

Pardon this display of shameless self-promotion, but our new Muzzlewatch blog has been nominated for three categories in this year's Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards. This is unusual, because the awards have largely honored blogs with a narrow perspective when it comes to Israel and Palestine.
In fact, this year, there are a number of terrific blogs that have been nominated that you should check out or vote for including Semitism , Tikun Olam, JVoices, and Jewschool. You might also enjoy Realistic Dove, Mondo Weiss, and of course, The Third Way.
Please vote for Muzzlewatch at the following links. First round of voting closes at the end of Sunday, April 29.
Vote for Best New Blog - First Round Group A
Vote for Left Wing Political Blog - First Round Group B
Vote for Jewish Anti-Establishment Blog - First Round Group A

Thank you!!
Everyone at Jewish Voice for Peace

Avromi said...

Seth, Greg and others - thank you - we appreciate your assistance in helping us disseminate Torah to the public.

Anon - the top two from each group go to the final round - we are currently second.

If it's true that they sent to a mailing list of 23,000 and only received 200+ votes, that is pitiful.

Liberal Jew said...

I guess I spoke too soon. Good Luck Daf Noters. Yeah the MuzzleWatch thing is annoying but what can you do. Without them both Daf Notes and I am a Liberal Jew and I am Pissed would have made the finals. Good luck all!

Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...

Hazaq U'varuch. Well deserved. I voted for you!

Avromi said...

Thank you very much - I voted for Vesom Sechel, as well.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Great job. I guess my vote counted in the end :)

Avromi said...

Thank you all.