Friday, December 14, 2007

Rebbe: “Gather my Children”

The Gemora (Kesuvos 103a)cites a braisa: When Rebbe was about to depart this world, he said, “I require the presence of my sons.” He then proceeded to give them instructions regarding the arrangements of matters after his death.

The Yalkut Gershuni explains: As long as Rebbe was alive, he made the utmost effort to increase his Torah studying, his observance of mitzvos and performance of good deeds, so he will be destined to merit his share in the World to Come. It was not necessary for anyone to assist him in this endeavor. As he was dying, he realized that after his death, he will no longer be able to help himself and elevate his soul; it was this realization that caused him to call his sons and inform them that now they will be needed.

The Aruges Habosem adds: Rebbe was making an introspection of his life and realized that he still was lacking in his task of rectifying his soul. His time was passing and he would not have the ability to fill this void. His only hope was to call his sons and give them instructions in how they should act after his death. A son’s good deeds, says the Gemora in Sanhedrin (104a), can provide merit for a father even after his death.