Monday, August 28, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 82 - Chinuch on the Mother

Tosfos Yeshonim states that the mitzva of chinuch is only on the father and not on Beis Din. He extends this to mean that it is only on the father and not on the mother. He asks on himself from a Gemorah in Sukkah by Hilni HaMalka that it is evident from that Gemora that there is a mitzva of chinuch on the mother? He answers that there it was only "lmitzva b'alma."

Reb Akiva Eiger in Sukkah asks on this that the Gemora there is clear that it's more than just mitzva b'alma - it is the real mitzva of chinuch for the Gemora is prooving the halachos of sukkah from there?

This will be discussed at greater length iy"H, soon.


ben said...

This is discussed by Meshech Chochma and Magen Avraham, and the sugya is by a mother being madir her son as a nazir.

Avromi said...


btw, you mean the mother NOT being madir etc.