Monday, August 28, 2006

Notes from David

I’m looking at my notes, and I have a couple of heorahs:

80a – the Marhartatz Chiyus has a discussion on shiurim (measurements) and concludes “according to this we can understand the whole topic”. However, in the first perek of Succah he writes that “the whole topic is very very deep and requires great investigation”.

81a – Rav Shizbi makes a statement about a shizbin of terumah. This relates to our discussion earlier regarding names of amoraim.

81b – regarding the concept that one who eats on the 9th is as though eh fasted 2 days. I heard two contradictory explanations for this: 1) eating a lot the day before makes you able to daven better on Yom kippur, and so its commendable to eat before to get comfort the next day; 2) eating the day before makes you fell the withdrawal from eating even more the second day, and so the hunger pangs are increased, making your fast equivalent to a 2 day fast