Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 24 - Missile Attack

Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein in his sefer on Sukkah relates a question that came to him during the recent war in Israel with Hezbollah. A man purchased some items on credit from a store before Shabbos. Shabbbos morning, a barrage of missiles rained down on the city and this particular store was demolished, there was nothing salvagable left. The man wanted to know if he was still obligated to pay his debt. He claimed that if he would not have bought those items, they would have been destroyed anyways. The Rav ruled that he is obligated to pay for the debt was incurred before the missile attack.

Rav Zilberstain wondered as to what the halacha would be if the missiles were already launched when the fellow made his purchase.

[The connection to the daf is the Gemora states that there is a concern for the barrel bursting before Shabbos is over thereby preventing the person from separating terumah and maaser after Shabbos.]


ben said...

does this have to do with אשו משום חצו?

eliezer said...

Did he make a kinyan or not? Movable items are not acquired with money only m'shichah.

Avromi said...

Yes he made a kinyan.