Friday, September 29, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 27 - Arovos Less than a Nickel

The Minchas Chinuch (325) quotes Rashi that whenever a mitzva mandates לכם - it has to be yours, if one owns less than a שוה פרוטה, it is also lacking לכם. He asks that according to that, how will people fulfill the mitzva of ערבה on Sukkos when each stem is valued as less than a שוה פרוטה? (Tell that to our Esrog dealers!!!!) It is answered that Rashi did not intend to say that something can't be yours if you own in it less than a שוה פרוטה. Rashi holds that to be considered a partner with others, you must possess at least a פרוטה. This is evident from a Ritva in Avoda Zara and in Sefer Tal Torah.


David said...

A) Value is relative. During Chanukah, the value of an arava might be less than a perutah. But during Succos it is worth more.

B) Each stem might be less than a perutah, but collectively they are worth more.

Avromi said...

The Minchas Chinuch knew both of your points and still asked his kasha.

I am not saying that you cannot answer a kasha from Minchas Chinuch. I am saying that he explicitly is asking about sukkos that the arovos are worth less than a perutah. That was obviously the case then.

Avromi said...

Btw, he asks the same question on a kezayis of matza.