Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 26 - Highlights

1. A bridegroom and all the members of his party are exempt from the mitzvah of Tefillah and Tefillin, but they are obligated in reciting Shema. It is said in the name of Rabbi Shila that the bridegroom is exempt from reciting Shema but the members of the bridegroom’s party are obligated in reciting Shema. (25b4-26a1)
2. Scribes of Torah scrolls, Tefillin and mezuzos, along with the merchants and merchants’ merchants, including those who sell tzitzis, are exempt from reciting Shema, from Tefillah and from Tefillin and all other mitzvos. This ruling is based on the principle that one who is engaged in one mitzvah is exempt from performing other mitzvos. (26a1)
3. One who is traveling on the road is exempt from the mitzvah of Sukkah at the time that he is traveling. One is who traveling for the purpose of a mitzvah is exempt even when he is not traveling because he is constantly preoccupied with the fulfillment of the mitzvah. (26a1)
4. The Gemara rules that a sick person is exempt from the mitzvah of Sukkah even if his life is not endangered. The reason for this ruling is because one who is under duress is exempt from dwelling in a Sukkah as the mitzvah of Sukkah is to dwell in a Sukkah in the same manner as one would dwell in his house. (26a3)
5. One is allowed to eat a snack outside of the Sukkah but he is not allowed to nap outside of the Sukkah. The reason why he cannot even nap outside of the Sukkah is because we are concerned that he will fall into a deep sleep. (26a3-26a4)
6. The Gemara discusses the time frame of napping and this is relevant to halachos regarding Tefillin where there are opinions that one can nap even while wearing his Tefillin.(26a4-26a5-26b1)The Mishna states that if one eats food that is less than the size of an egg, he is not obligated to sit in the Sukkah. The Mishna relates an incident where they brought in front of Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai and Rabban Gamliel food to taste and they would not taste the food until it was brought into the Sukkah. The Gemara explains that this story indicates that if one wants to be stringent on himself and eat even a snack inside the Sukkah, he is permitted to do so. (26b2-26b3)