Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 10 - Decorations for benefit

The Gemara states that one cannot derive benefit from the Sukkah decorations during Sukkos. Nitei Gavriel cites a dispute regarding deriving benefit from decorations that are hanging in a section of the Sukkah that is invalid, i.e. under a dofen akumah. Pnei Yehoshua rules that one can derive benefit from these decorations as they are not deemed to be Sukkah decorations. The Gerrer Rebbe offers a proof to this ruling from our Gemara, as the Gemara states that if one covered his Sukkah in accordance with the Halacha and he decorated it, he is forbidden to derive benefit from the decorations. It is implicit from the Gemara that the prohibition to derive benefit from the decorations was only said regarding the decorations that are placed in the valid section of the Sukkah. If this was not so, why would the Gemara have stated that one covered his Sukkah in accordance with the Halacha?


Ohad Yishai said...

I didn't understand the proof, if the sukkah wouldn't have been built kehilchasa no chalot shem shamayim would have occured in the first place even on the kosher portion of the schach?

Avromi said...

it's true but not every time the gemora says that he placed schach does it sah khilchosa, so it would seem that here there is a special message that the noy sukkah is only on the portion that is khilcheso