Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 11 - Planter Without a Hole

S'chach is invalid if it is connected to the ground. The Yerushalmi in Kelaim discusses the halacha regarding branches that are growing in a planter that did not have a hole in it. If it has a hole, it is considered something which is growing from the ground. The Yerushalmi does not resolve this matter.

Rabbeinu Menoach (Rambam Sukkah 4:2) posits that it would be permitted. He cites as proof to this the Rambam (Shabbos 8:3) who rules that if one detaches something that was growing in a planter on Shabbos, he is not liable. This indicates that it is not considered as if it is growing from the ground.

The Iglei Tal proves from this Yerushalmi that something which grows in a planter without a hole is considered gidulei karkah - something that receives nourishment from the ground for otherwise the Yerushalmi could not entertain the possibility of using it for s'chach. One of the two rules of s'chach being valid is that it must be something that grows from the ground. The Yerushalmi's question is granted it grows from the ground, but is it connected to the ground. This was left unresolved.

The Iglei Tal refutes his own proof by stating that the Yerushalmi can be referring to a case where it originally grew directly from the ground and it was detached and placed in a planter.