Friday, September 15, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 14- Lekavod Shabbos

The Gemara states that the prayers of the righteous are likened to a pitchfork, as just like a pitchfork turns over the grain on the threshing floor from one place to another, so too the prayers of the righteous transform the manner in which HaShem conducts Himself from the Attribute of Cruel Judgment to the Attribute of Mercy. It is noteworthy that in the prayer of כגוונא that is recited by those who pray Nusach Sefard on Friday evening, we recite the words, when the Shabbos arrives, she unifies Herself in Oneness and divests herself of the Other Side (any trace of impurity); all harsh judgments are removed from her, and she remains alone with the Oneness of the holy lightAll wrathful dominions and bearers of grievance flee together-and there is no power but she in all the worlds. Shabbos is a time when HaShem shows compassion to His Chosen nation. Let us be worthy recipients of that compassion by
observing the Shabbos correctly.