Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 11 - How Much is that Esrog in the Window?

There is an obligation to tie the lulav together with the two other species as this will enhance and beautify the mitzva. This is learned from the possuk zeh keli v'anvehu. This is where the principle of hidur mitzva - glorifying the mitzva is learned out from. There is a debate amongst the poskim if this is a mitzva min haTorah or is it only from the Sages.

The Mabit writes that if people will pursue relentlessly for this goal of beautifying a mitzva and due to this, the price to purchase that particular mitzva will rise, it is preferable not to be particular on the hidur mitzva. The Tzemech Tzedek MiNikolsburg cites a Mishna in Krisus proving that if the sellers raise the prices of fish before Shabbos, it is preferable that the Sages should institute that people should not buy fish for Shabbos.

[Tis almost the season to engage ourselves in the search for a nice esrog.]


Velvel said...

How much does it have to rise until the Rabbis get involved?