Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 25 - Travelling to Learn by David

Rashi gives as an example of “osek bemitzvah”, one who is going to study Torah. Now why can’t he study where he is? How is traveling to learn considered involvement with a mitzvah? Is it not, at best, hechser mitzvah, preperatropy to the mitzvah, but not actually the mitzvah itself?

The answer is, “no”. Shulcah aruch in Yoreh Deah 240:25 says that a son has no obligation to respect his fathers wishes to remain behind, if the son feels he will be able to learn better in a particular place, or with a particular teacher. This is true even if the student is not 100% sure. (Pischei teshivah, loc cit). “One cannot always learn from simply anyone” – Eruvin 47b.


Avromi said...

Actually the Ohr Sameach takes issue with the Rashi for we do not say osek b'mitzva etc. by Torah, one must learn with the intention to fulfill mitzvos.
He explains the Rashi to mean that going to learn is part of the mitzva of shimush talmidei chachomim, which is the understanding of torah, the reasons and sevoros of the Mishna, otherwise known as Gemora. Shimush talmidei chachomim is greater than regular talmud Torah as stated by the Ri in Tosfos Kesuvos 17a. The travelling to gather together and learn in this manner is where the principle of osek b'mitzva applies.

David said...

Very interesting. If I am understanding correctly, the Ohr Sameach says there is no inherent mitzvah in learning Torah, it is rather just a necessary step in knowing how to do mitzvahs properly?

That, of course, opens up a Pandora's box of questions, especially concerning purely theoretical learning, concerning which the Gemara states "darosh vikabel schar". But efsher I misunderstand the OS.

Avromi said...

No - sorry. He is stating the Gemora that Torah cannot be shelo al mnas laasos and therefore it cant be that when one is learning he is patur to perform another mitzva.