Saturday, September 02, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 87 - Highlights

When Rava and Mar Zutra Chasida noticed people bestowing honor upo them, they quoted different pesukim which teach humility. They were concerned that the honor might lead to arrogance.

It is good when rshaim are shown favoritism in this world. a proof is brought from Achav. It is not good when the righteous are shown partiality in this world and a proov is brought from Moshe.

The righteous not only benefit themselves but also to their descendants. It was in Aharon's merit that his two other sons remained alive. Reshaim also cause detrement to their future generations.

One who is mezakeh the public will be guaranteed that he will not sin. Hashem will drive away the opportunity to sin from him. This is because it is not proper for him to reside in Gehinom while his students are basking in Gan Eden. One who causes the public to sin will forego the opportunity to repent on his personal sin. This is for it is not appropriate for him to dwell in Gan Eden while his disciples will be in Gehinom.

The Mishna had stated that if one proclaims that he will sin and repent and sin and repent, he will lose the opportunity to repent. The Gemora learns from the fact that it is repeated twice that one who commits an aveira and repeats it, it becomes as if it is a permitted thing to do.

The Mishna had stated that if one commits a transgression against Hashem, Yom Kippur can provide atonement, however if he perpetrated a wrongdoing against his fellow, he must attemp to appease him.

If one wronged his friend, he must beg for forgiveness three times. Each time he should approach him with three people. If he owes him money, he should compensate him. If the fellow who he wronged is dead, he should have ten men accompany him to his grave and beg for forgiveness.

The Gemora brings different episodes from the amoroim regarding asking forgiveness from a friend. In one instance rav was teaching Nach to a group of disciples. Reb chiya arrived late and Rav started again. He did the same for Bar Kapara and Rebbe Shimon. However when reb chanina arrived later, he did not start from the beginning. Reb Chanina was insulted. Rav approached him on thirteen Erev Yom Kippur's to appease him and Reb chanina did not forgive him. Even though we have learned that a person is only obligated to ask forgiveness three times, Rav was stringent on himself.

It is generally advantageous to forgive someone eagerly. Hashem will forgive your sins as well. Reb chanina had a motive not to forgive Rav. He had seen in a dream that Rav was destined for greatness. He understood that if Rav stays in Eretz Yisroel, he must die in order for Rav to become the Rosh Yeshiva in his place. He therefore didnt forgive Rav compeling him to go to Bavel where he eventually became the Rosh Yeshiva there.

The mitzva of confessing one's sins is upon the commencement of Yom Kippur, however the sages state that it should be recited before one eats the seudah hamefsekes, for we are concerned that he might drink too much wine and not be able to recite the viduy. He nevertheless should repeat it afterwards for perhaps he sinned during the meal. Every tefillah that is recited on yom Kippur, one should confess his sins. A private person says it at the end of shmone esrei and the chazan recites it in the middle.

The Gemora discusses what is included in the confession. The Gemora concludes that stating 'we have sinned' are the primary words of the confession.

There is an argument as to what is the tefillah of neilah. Rav holds that it is an extra shmone esrei. Shmuel maintains that is the tefillah of ma anu meh chayenu. The Gemora refutes shmuel's opinion from a braisa.

Rav holds that the tefillah of neilah, the final tefillah prayed on Yom Kippur can be recited at night. Therefore, he rules that if one davened neilah after dark, he will be exempt from davaning maariv that night. His reasoning is neilah is considered an extra tefillah and since one davened a tefillah at night, that will be valid for maariv as well, which is a tefillah that is normally recited at night.


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