Friday, January 19, 2007


Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Tzadok said: I was of the sons of Sna'av from the tribe of Binyamin. One time Tisha B'av occurred on Shabbos and it was pushed off to Sunday. We fasted but did not complete the fast because it was our Yom Tov. Rashi explains that the lottery for bringing the wood offering for that family was on the Tenth of Av during the days of Ezra, and it was a Yom Tov for them forever. It is evident that it is considered a valid fast even though it was not completed. The Gemora answers that this was not meant to be a genuine fast; it was only undertaken to afflict them somewhat.

The Tur (O”C 559) writes that one year Tisha B'av fell on Shabbos and it was pushed of to Sunday. Rabbeinu Ya'avetz was a Ba'al Bris and he davened Mincha early in the afternoon. He washed and did not complete his fast because it was a Yom Tov for him - and his source was the case of Rav Elazar bar Tzadok.

The Chasam Sofer (O”C 157) writes that the Yom Tov for the bringing of the wood was established before Tisha B’av and therefore takes precedence over Tisha B’av; however a bris milah where the obligation came about after the establishment of Tisha B’av does not take precedence and therefore they would be required to complete the fast.

The Chasam Sofer concludes that the proof is actually from Rabbi Elozar ben Rabbi Tzadok who was a kohen. He was a son-in-law of Sna’av as Tosfos in Eruvin (41) explains. It emerges that Tisha B’av should have taken precedence over his Yom Tov and nevertheless he did not conclude his fast. This was the proof of Rabbeinu Ya’avetz.


Hershel said...

what's the difference if he was a kohen or not?

Avromi said...

Sorry - it was written fast on erev Shabbos, but the basic concept is there. Reb Elozar b'reb tzadok was a kohen and he married into the Sna'av family, so it became his Yom Tov only then and the chasam sofer states that tisha b'av had been established towards the end of the second bayis and he married into the family afterwards so the yom tov should get pushed off. for some reason it didnt, this is the yaavet's proof.