Sunday, January 14, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis 5 - GRAIN FROM THE ANT HOLES

The Gemora provides the details of the miracle that transpired in the times of Yoel. That year, the month of Adar passed and there was still no rainfall. The first rain fell on the first day of Nissan. The prophet Yoel told Klal Yisroel to go and plant their fields. The people protested that since they have a small amount of wheat and barley, they should eat it and not plant it. If they would plant it, they would die from starvation waiting for the new crop to grow. Yoel persisted and told them to plant the grain which they had. A miracle occurred and they found grain in the walls and in the ant holes. They planted on the second, third and fourth day of Nissan from the grain with which they had and the second rainfall came down on the fifth day of Nissan.

Rashi learns that they planted from the grain with which they had and ate the grain from which they found. Rabbeinu Chananel learns exactly the opposite. They ate from the grain from which they had and they planted from the grain with which they found. What compelled Rashi to learn his way? The Rif in the Ein Yaakov asks on Rashi that how was the verse “Those who plant with tears will harvest with bliss” fulfilled? Rashi learns that they were crying since they didn’t have what to eat. Why should they be planting with tears if they had grain which they found in the walls?

The Rif answers that Hashem did not perform the miracle of providing them with the grain in the walls until they showed their faith in Hashem by planting from the grain with which they had.

The Yad Yosef answers that the grain from the ant holes would not be suitable for planting. The saliva from the ants and mice destroys all the moisture in the grain and therefore they ate from that grain and planted the old grain.

Sefer Tehilla L’yonah found an answer that since they would be bringing the grain with which they planted for the korban omer; grain from a miracle is not fitting to be used for a korban.