Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis 7 - REBBE AKIN TO A MIKVAH

Rabbi Chanina bar Pappa explains two verses discussing teachers and students. If the student has good character, the teacher should travel to the student but if the student lacks good character, the student must go to the teacher.

The Imrei Emes said over in the name of the Kotzker Rebbe that a Chassideshe Rebbe is akin to a mikvah. Just like a mikvah purifies the unclean, so too a Rebbe has the ability to purify the unclean. When a chasid travels to the Rebbe, the Rebbe is like a mikvah and can purify the unclean even without preparation; however when the Rebbe makes a trip to the Chassidim, he is like a wave that has separated from the ocean. The halacha is in order for the wave to purify the unclean, the person must be waiting for the wave to come down.

This is the meaning of our Gemora. If the student has good character and is anxiously awaiting to learn, he will be successful even if the Rebbe comes to him; however if the student lacks good character, he must go to the Rebbe in order to learn since he lacks the proper preparation.