Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis 8 - CLASSIFIED AS A TZADIK

The Gemara (Kidushin 49b) states that if a man betroths a woman "on condition that I am a tzadik", even if he is totally wicked, we must assume that the betrothal might be valid, since thoughts of Teshuva could have entered his mind.

Thus, a Rasha could become a Tzadik based solely on thoughts of Teshuva, without requiring the discomfort of fasting or suffering. Yet, the Posuk says: after being taken to Golus, they atone for their sins, and Rashi comments that their atonement will be achieved through their suffering.

The Shemen Rokeach (2:10) cites the Gemara (Taanis 8b) which says that in the days of R' Zeira, the government issued decrees against Jewish religious observance and among the decrees, was a prohibition against Jews fasting (e.g. to end a drought). According to Rashi, this decree was to prevent benefit from coming to the world through the efforts of the Jews. R' Zeira said that nevertheless, they should all accept a fast upon themselves, and when the decree will be rescinded, they will then fulfill their promise and observe the fast. When asked how he knew it was possible to do this, he replied that the Posuk says: (Daniel 10:12) that Daniel accepted upon himself twenty one years of fasting, and that his Tefilos were accepted immediately, as soon as he had made the vow.

As such, here too we may conclude that when the Rasha tried to betroth the woman on condition that he was a Tzadik, he had in mind, not only to do Teshuva, forsaking his wicked ways, but Kaparah as well, by accepting upon himself to fast and be uncomfortable at a later date. In so doing, he may be classified immediately as a Tzadik. (Courtesy of Kehilas Prozdor)


Anonymous said...

In that case why dont we when Rosh hashanah falls out on shabbos have this tannah to hashem we would blow shofar but we are not allowed so we have the zechus so why don't we add this nusach to the teffilah?

Avromi said...

im not 100 percent sure what you are asking, can you please elaborate? thanks