Friday, January 19, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis 12 - SHABBOS IN THE DAF

The Gemara states that a fast is good for a dream, and the fast should occur on the day of the dream, even if that day occurs on Shabbos. If one does fast on Shabbos for a dream, he should fast again on a different day because he afflicted himself on Shabbos. Rashi explains that the reason one can fast for a dream on Shabbos is because it relieves his pain. The Rishonim write that nonetheless, one should fast as atonement for having fasted on Shabbos, because although he had pleasure in fasting on Shabbos to relieve his pain, it is preferable to delight properly in the Shabbos than to fast on Shabbos. This being the case, one should contemplate the beautiful gift of Shabbos that HaShem bestowed upon His Chosen Nation, and one should certainly not intentionally cause himself or others distress on Shabbos. It is specifically for this reason that we recite in Bircas HaMzaon on Shabbos the prayer velo sehei tzarah veyagon vanacha beyom menuchaseinu, may it be Hashem’s will that there be no distress, grief, or lament on this Day of our contentment.