Monday, July 24, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 47 - Should We Salt the Ketores?

It is interesting to note that our Mishna (or Gemora) makes no mention of the salting of the ketores of Yom Kippur. Every korban requires salt before it is brought on the mizbeach. The ketores which was burned regularly had a melicha (salting) while it was still on the outside mizbeach. The Minchas Chinuch (118) states that it is obvious that the Yom Kippur ketores also required salt and that after the kohen gadol did the first chafina (filling up his hands with the ketores) he would go up to the mizbeach and place salt on it. The Mikdash Dovid (13) disagrees and holds that the regular ketores which was burned on a mizbeach required salting, howeverthe Yom Kippur ketores which was burned on the floor of the Kodesh Kodoshim is not included in the passuk על כל קרבנך תקריב מלח. His proof is from the fact that there is no mention in the Mishnayos in Yoma for this.


Dave said...

It's not really relevant to your topic, but I noticed in the Minchas Chinuch there that he brings from a Maharam Chagiz that it is permitted to 'salt' a korban with 'sugar' which is a type of salt. He asks that it should be a lav of burning sweet things? On that he answers that if one doesn't have salt, we would say aseh doche lo saseeh. Interesting.

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