Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 48 - Only Fat Kohanim Should Apply

The Gemora concluded that it is preferable that a fat kohen should perform the kemitza in order that the flour should not remain between his fingers. In Hagaos Yaavetz, he wonders if this actually transpires that a skinny kohen would forego the avodah of kemitza and allow a fat kohen to do it. This conclusion is omitted by the Rambam. The Geomora arrives at the same conclusion regarding the chafina of the kohen gadol on Yom Kippur. The Chafetz Chaim comments that the Rambam omits this halacha as well for it is not found anyplace a requirement to become a kohen gadol is to be fat. The Yaavetz mentions that perhaaps jsut like a kohen gadol must be handsome and strong as a prerequisite to being appointed, so too, he must be fat.

The question remains, though. Why did the Rambam omit these halachos by kemitza and chafinah?


David said...

In support of the Yavetz, we find that fatness was actually a sign of beauty, not merely an adjunct to it). Rav Yochanan was considered very handsome, yet we know he was " big boned" (as the shadchanim say). Also the gemara in Shabbos says women would choke themsleves with certain jewels, in order to appear heavy ("Baal'as basar").

Feivish said...

and lets not forget about Rav Papa in Bava Kamma with the benches.
and doesn't it say someplace about a herd of cows passing between (under) two Amoraim's bellies?

Anonymous said...

Feivish, the point is that other sources support the Yavetz's notion that size is a source of beauty. There are many passages that show certain individuals were fat.

Sender said...

I think what Feivish meant is that the gemora does not seem to be saying it in a derogatory fasion

Daf zugger said...

"and doesn't it say someplace about a herd of cows passing between (under) two Amoraim's bellies?"
Check out Bava Metzia 84

Anonymous said...

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