Friday, July 28, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 52 - Gezeira Shove for Later Generations?

The Gemora states that when the Aron was hidden, so too the jug of man, shemen hamishcha and Aharon's staff were hidden with it. The Gemora learns a gezeira Shove to teach this. The Gevuros Ari asks that it would seem odd that we are using a gezeira shove to teach us something that happened many years later? He learns differently in the Gemora. The gezeira shove is teaching us that these items were adjacent to the aron in the Kodesh Kodoshim. Once we know that, we can assume that when the aron was placed in geniza, these objects went along.

Are there gezeira shoves that teach us things that happened later?


ben said...

someone told me that gezeira shaveh by sefer regarding chiyuv to read megillah. didn't reseacrh yet.

Avromi said...

i hear... but theres still distinction. There it is teaching us of a chiyuv if something happens later in time, here it was teaching that they were gones the shemen hamishcha - it's teaching me that something happened later in time.