Sunday, July 23, 2006

UPDATE from Daf 43


brought to you by Kollel Iyun Hadaf of Yerushalayim
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld


Yoma 043: Bigdei Kehunah by Parah Adumah

The gemora asks that its a kalv'chomer if one needs the k"g to do the
parah that for sure he wears the bigdei kehuna. The Gemora's only
answer is 'torach v'casav lah kra.' The rambam and others hold that
when the k"g does the parah adumah, he wears the bigdei kohen hedyot.
Couldn't we answer the gemora's kasha that the possuk is needed for
this chidush that he doesnt wear 8, but rather 4? (w/o complete iyun)

Avrohom Adler, Cleve, USA
The Kollel replies:

The Rambam in Perush ha'Mishnayos Parah (4:1) writes that we learn
that the Kohen Gadol wears four Begadim when he does the Avodos of
the Parah from a Gezeirah Shaveh. Presumably, the Gemara did not
suggest your answer because it knew the Gezeirah Shaveh.

Dov Freedman


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