Saturday, July 29, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 53 - One Proper and One Missing

Rav Ashi states that if the kohen gadol brought in two sets of ketores - one was proper and the other was missing ingredients, he will not be חייב for entering for no reason, however he will be חייב for burning a קטרת חסרה. The Ritva qualifies this ruling only if he burned both of them, however if was only מקטיר the 'missing' one, he still will be חייב for entering unnecessarily, for he did not fulfill the mitzva. The Avnei Neizer (21:6) says that according to Rashi's explanation in ביאה ריקנית - that it is a ביאה שלא לצורך, he would disagree, for in this instance, he went in for a purpose. He had a proper קטרת in his hand and could have been מקטיר it and therefore even if he ultimately was only מקטיר the 'missing' one - he still would not be חייב for entering for no reason.