Friday, February 16, 2007

Daf Yomi - Megillah 10 - Shabbos in the Daf

by Reb Ben

The Gemara states that the Aron, the Holy Ark, did not take up any room in space in the Mishkan and in the Bais HaMikdash. This was truly a miracle. Similarly, we can suggest that Shabbos, despite the prohibition from refraining to work, does not take up any space either. The Zohar states that ones sustenance is blessed from Shabbos. Although one refrains from work on Shabbos and it would seem that this would be detrimental to ones livelihood, one should not be concerned, because by observing Shabbos, his efforts during the week will be blessed.


Anonymous said...

The Holy Ark or the Aron Kodesh Had the Shivrie Haluchos and The Sefer Torah Moshe wrote and of course it took up no room.Rav Moshe Feinstein in the Darash Moshe on this weeks Parsha, Terumah. Says this teaches us A great lesson,First we should be filled with Torah like the Aron but non the less act with Piety and act with "SHFELUS" no good English word for that.This means we should behave as if we are non measurable showing no haughtiness.Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank adds somthing else learnt from the Aron Hakodesh he Keruvim or Cherubs were in the shape of small children teaching us That Chinuch Habonim Is above all And the Chinuch of sons to torah bring The SHechinah to rest among the Jews As it says
ודברתי אתך מעל הכפרת מבין שני הכרובים

ben said...

thanks. here's a vort for daf 10. Gemara states that every time it says vayehi is lashon tzaar. This premise can shed light in the verse that is said regarding Yishmael: vayehi HaShem es hanaar vayigdal. This is difficult to understand because immediately afterwards it is said: vayeishev bamidbar vayehi roveh kashas. We do not usually find that vayehi HaShem ito is for bad. Perhaps we can suggest that on that instance, it was tzaar, so to speak, for HaShem. This is because HaShem had promised Avraham that gam es ben hamah legoy asimenu, and now Yishamel went off.

ben said...

here's another one for those doing chazarah. Gemara asks from vayehi kaasher raah Yaakov es Rochel. Maharsha asks that later was tzaar because Rachel was barren. According to Rashi, there was tzaar because Yaakov cried when he saw that he would not be buried with her or he cried because Elifaz took his money. Even according to pshat there was tzaar because it says that Yaakov cried.