Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Daf Yomi - Megillah 7 - ESTHER’S REQUEST

Rav Shmuel bar Yehuda said: Esther appealed to the sages: "Establish me for the later generations (her intent was that Purim should be created and the Megillah should be read)." They replied: "You want to excite the envy of other nations against us (that we are happy when our enemies fall)." She rejoined: "My history is already written in the chronicle of the kings of Media and Persia."

Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky explains: There are many stories recorded in the Medrash. There have been many books written relating numerous stories from Tzadikim and the Leaders of past generations. One who reads these stories can fulfill the mitzva of Loving Hashem and fearing Him providing that the stories inspire him to elevate his deeds, thoughts and actions in serving Hashem. However, one who reads these stories and does not become inspires, does not receive any reward whatsoever.

This would not be true regarding one who reads an incident that has been recorded in the Holy Scriptures. One who reads a story recorded in the Torah has fulfilled a mitzva of studying Torah even if the story did not inspire him to reach greater heights in serving Hashem.

This is what Esther requested from the Rabbis of her time. Although the story of Purim was recorded in the chronicles of the kings of Media and Persia, this was not sufficient. Esther wanted that anyone who reads the story of Purim should fulfill the mitzva of studying Torah.


Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where this is brought down or is it "M'Pi HaShmua".

Avromi said...

Sefer Marguliyos Hashas

Anonymous said...

maybe this is what Dovid HaMelech was requesting when he said zemiros hayu li chukecho?