Monday, October 09, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 34 - Aravos

Abba Shaul learns from the words in the possuk ‘arvei nachal’ that there are two separate mitzvos of arovos, one together with the lulav and one for the Mikdash. Rashi explains that the second one was used to circle the mizbeach. It would appear from Rashi that they circled the mizbeach with the arovos. In actuality, there is an argument later on daf 43 if they circled the mizbeach with the arovos or with the lulav.

The Kapos Temorim mentions this as a question on Rashi because l’halacha we hold that they circled the mizbeach with the lulav and not with the arovos? He answers that when Rashi states the words ‘to circle the mizbeach,’ he actually is referring to the lulav and the arovos would be leaned against the mizbeach as the Gemora in daf 45 explains this opinion.

It seems a bit odd that the Kapos Temorim is compelled to force this explanation into Rashi when the simple explanation would be to say that Rashi is going according to the opinion that maintains that the aravos were used to circle the mizbeach and not the lulav?