Monday, October 09, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 36 - Highlights

1. The Gemara rules that if there is a hole that goes through the entire esrog, the esrog will be invalid even if the hole is miniscule. If the hole does not go through the entire esrog, then the esrog is only invalid if the hole is the size of an issar coin. (36a1)
2. The Gemara lists other criteria that could invalidate an esrog. If the esrog is bloated, spoiled, steeped in vinegar or mustard, it is invalid. If one grew the esrog in its formative stage inside a form that has a different shape than an esrog and the fruit subsequently grew into the shape of the form, the fruit is invalid for use of the mitzvah. (36a2)
3. Rabbi Chanina would dip his esrog into a sauce, eat part of it and then he would fulfill the mitzvah with the partially eaten esrog. The Gemara states that the reason this was permitted was because a hole in an esrog is only invalid on the first day of Sukkos whereas Rabi Chanina fulfilled his obligation with a partially eaten esrog on the second day of Sukkos or afterwards. (36b1)
4. The Mishna cites a dispute between Rabbi Yehudah and Rabbi Meir if the lulav should be tied to the other species with the leaves of the lulav or if the lulav can be tied with any material.