Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 38 - Befriending the Satan

The Gemora relates that when Rav Acha bar Yaakov would shake the lulav in all the directions, he would say to the Satan, “Look and see that you cannot stop us from performing the mitzvos.” The Gemora concludes that this is not a proper thing to say for it will only stir up the energy of the Satan to entice us to sin even more.

The Aruch Lener comments that Rav Acha himself was not concerned about this for he befriended the Satan and he was secure. The Gemora in bava Basra quotes Levi as saying that the Satan and Penina did their actions for the sake of Hashem. Rav Acha cited this in a drasha and the Satan came and kissed him.


Jewish Blogmeister said...

"kissed him"?

Avromi said...

Obviously these Gemoras can be explaines esoterically as well, but the literal definition and explanation of the Gemora is that yes he kissed him