Thursday, October 12, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 40 -Highlights

1. The Gemara states that if one gathered various leaves for kindling, they do not posses the sanctity of Shemittah. This is derived from the verse that states the Sabbatical produce of the land shall be for you to eat. The words for you have to be akin to the words to eat. This allows only uses whose benefit is equivalent to consuming the item. This excludes wood where the benefit of baking only comes after the wood has been transformed to coals, so the wood will not have the sanctity of Shemittah. Regarding a lulav, however, whose primary use is as a broom, its benefit is equivalent to its consumption, i.e. becoming worn from use, so a lulav will have the sanctity of Shemittah. (40a2)
2. There is a dispute whether firewood has the sanctity of Shemittah. One opinion maintains that firewood has sanctity of shemittah. (40a2-40a3)
3. Rabbi Yose maintains that one is allowed to use Shemittah produce for washing clothing but one cannot use Shemittah produce for medicinal purposes. (40a2-40a3-40b1)
4. There is a dispute in the Gemara whether the sanctity of Shemittah produce can be deconsecrated onto money, and this would be accomplished by exchanging the money for the produce. All agree that when the Shemittah produce is sold, the sanctity carries over to the money. The dispute is only regarding a case where the owner seeks to exchange the produce for money. (40b1-40b2)