Friday, October 13, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 43 - Litveshe Kasha / Chasidishe Vort

We posted this before, but with a slight mistake, so we are correcting it now - thanks.

The Gemora states that the Chachamim made a decree not to take the lulav on Shabbos lest one come to carry it four amos in a public domain.

Reb Akiva Eiger asks the following question. Ben Azai maintains that "mehalech k'omed" one who carries an object four amos in a public domain does not violate the Biblical prohibition of carrying for every step he takes. The moment he places his foot down it is considered as stopping and therefore, he is not walking four amos continuously. The only way for him to transgress this prohibition is to jump four amos at one time.

Tosfos in Rosh Hashona states that Ben Azai would agree that there is a prohibition of carrying four amos since it is a halacha l'Moshe misinai and even though it would not be a contiguous four amos, it is nonetheless not allowed. However, the Yerushalmi holds that Ben Azai disagrees with this prohibition. Tosfos cites a proof that the Bavli disagrees. Reb Akiva Eiger asks that Tosfos should bring a clear proof that the Bavli maintains that Ben Azai agrees that there exists a four amos prohibition for otherwise there should not be any injunction against blowing the shofar or shaking the lulav on Shabbos. The sages were concerned of one carrying the shofar or lulav four amos in a public domain and according to Ben Azai this would not be a violation of Shabbos. It is not logical to assume that one might take the shofar and jump four amos?

Reb Leibel Eiger answered that in the person's excitement to for the mitzva of shofar, how can he not jump!