Thursday, October 12, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 40 - Meticulous about Shemitah

The Gemara states that if one is not meticulous even regarding the lenient laws of Shemittah, i.e. one sells Shemittah produce, he will be forced to sell all of his possessions and eventually he will be forced to sell himself as a slave. Rashi at the end of Parshas Behar quotes the full text of the Baraisa that is mentioned in Arachin 30b and Kiddushin 20a. The Ramban in the beginning of Parshas Behar writes that one should be careful to adhere to the laws of Shemittah just as one would be meticulous in observing the laws of Shabbos, as Shemittah is the secret of Creation. When one treats the laws of Shemittah lightly, he will be the catalyst that causes the Jewish People to be exiled for he is demonstrating that he does not affirm the belief that HaShem created the world and he also denies the concept of the World to Come.